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MDP Workshop 2009
(March: Entebbe, Uganda)
The 2009 workshop took place at the Lake Victoria Hotel in Entebbe, Uganda, and was attended by over 60 delegates.

MDP Workshop 2007
(October: Maputo, Mozambique)
The 2007 workshop took place at the Polana Hotel in Maputo, Mozambique, and was attended by over 90 delegates. The Trial Steering Committee and International Scientific Advisory Group also attended.

MDP Workshop 2006
(September: Durban, South Africa)
The Investigator’s workshop was held in Durban in September 2006.

MDP Investigators’ workshops 2004
(November: Lake Manyara, Tanzania)
The MDP holds an annual workshop where representatives from all the MDP partner sites meet to discuss progress and plan for the future. The 2004 meeting was held at Lake Manyara in Tanzania in November.

MDP Investigators’ workshops 2003
(May: Zambia and December: Uganda)
The 2003 meeting was held in Zambia in May.

MDP Investigators’ workshop 2002
The first annual MDP workshop was held at Glenburn Lodge, near Johannesburg, South Africa from 28 January – 1 February 2002 and was attended by over 50 collaborators.

Click here to view the report from the 2002 workshop.

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